Writing a business letter on headed paper design

Dixie is sure you have had at least a few instances in your career when you needed to write a multiple page business letter or two. Contract letters, legal findings, claim summaries and some other types of business letters can often run to many pages.

Writing a business letter on headed paper design

The letterhead is often used for written correspondence with clients, business associates and the media.

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Because it is seen by so many groups, creating a neat design that fits your business's personality helps create your image. The basic components are found on most examples of company letterhead.

Image Most company letterheads include one image on the paper to help identify your company's brand. Often the image comes from your company logo. The image is typically located at the top of the letterhead, either across the top or off to one side.

The quality of the image and the printer you use affects how the image looks on the letterhead. If you're printing the paper yourself or go to a professional printer with a low-quality machine, you are likely to have letterhead with an image that is difficult to see or decipher.

A poor image quality on your computer translates to a low-quality image on the letterhead. Contact Information The company's contact information is also found on the letterhead.

This information further defines the company's identity. It also gives the recipient of the document easy access to your contact information. When the recipient needs to speak with you, he is able to find out your telephone number, business name, address, website address and email addresses.

You often find this information along the top or bottom of the letterhead, depending on the selected layout. Slogan If the company has a short slogan or catchphrase, it is sometimes found on the letterhead.

This may make the company stand out and helps clients create the connection between the saying and the company. A long slogan clutters up the page and may detract from the contact information. When designing a letterhead for a company, the key is simplicity with the essential information.

This allows recipients to see what they need, make a positive connection with the company and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Paper The paper on which the letterhead is printed is also a part of the overall look and design of the official company stationery.

A plain white or off-white paper color is most often used and gives a professional look to the letterhead. It also allows the printed portion of the letterhead and the correspondence you add to be clearer. Thin, lightweight paper is more likely to tear and seems lower quality than a thick, heavyweight paper.

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From sales letters to internal memos and more, letterhead is a critical identity tool for all professional businesses.

In the business world, the term “letterhead” refers to a sheet of letter paper with a header that includes a name, an address, and a logo. Letter must be printed on the company's headed letter paper and should contain details of the applicant's [ ] proposed dates of entry and exit, their duration of stay and the type of business they will be conducting during their stay.

writing a business letter on headed paper design

In case you are writing a letter on a company letterhead paper, then it is also essential to mention your designation or job title.

The letter format mentioned above is the standard American letter writing . Printed writing paper, matching lined envelopes, address labels and envelope seals for letter-writing like it used to be - all you need is the perfect pen!

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