Spring and all

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Spring and all

Each entry includes the name of the relevant time period. Clicking on the this time period takes you to an explanation of when this is in the Gregorian calendar. To access it, scroll down to the table about half-way down the following page: I don't know what Mr.

Spring and all

Inoue used for a reference list, but this list in English with Japanese terms for most topics is fairly comprehensive. So far, mainly the seasonal topics and season words have been translated, but there are a few full entries with sample poems done, as well.

Finally, for those calendar buffs who want to explore other aspects of calendars worldwide, here is a vast collection of links to online calendar resources: ABC Calendars at http: This is a commercial web site, with links to commercial, academic, and amateur calendar-related materials.

Summary of Categories The following notes give an overview of the phenomena in each category and their traditional order within the category.

One of the best ways to become familiar with the seasonal system of traditional Japanese poetry is to browse the list, noticing things that appear together and their order. Includes general climatic cycles, reminders of the previous season, the solstice or equinox that is, the middle of the seasonthe months, time and length of day, temperature, approaching the end of the season, anticipation of the next season.

Includes the sky, heavenly bodies, winds, precipitation, storms, other sky phenomena, light and shade. Includes land forms, seascapes, fields, forests, streams, rivers, and lakes.

Includes clothes, food and beverages, work and school, sports, recreation, the arts, illness, travel, communications, moods. Includes sacred and secular holidays and festivals, their associated decorations, clothes, foods, and activities, and "memorial days" death anniversaries of literary persons.

The list gives specific dates; many festivals are still celebrated according to the lunar calendar, and therefore shift in relation to our Gregorian calendar--moveable feasts. They are indicated by 'about'. Mammals, amphibians and reptiles, birds, fishes, mollusks, and insects.

Blossoming trees, foliage of trees and shrubs, garden flowers, fruits and vegetables, wildflowers and other vegetation, seaweed, fungi. Be sure to check synonyms.

For example, if looking for "insect", also check "bug", even if what you found under "insect" seems satisfactory.

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In addition to searching for specific English or Japanese season words, one can search for terms like "late spring" to stop at each season word that fulfills that requirement. When an item is "not found", it does not mean that the term is not a season word, but only that it is not included in this very limited list.“The most successful businessman is the one who holds onto the old just as long as it is good, and grabs the new just as soon as it is better.â€.

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