Personal statement for accounting and finance job

Request degree information now. SNHU's accounting and finance master's degree program will give you the tools you need to help these entities thrive by teaching you auditing methods, budgeting, cost analysis, financial reporting, and individual and corporate tax preparation. Request Info Apply Now See Yourself Succeed in Accounting Finance Developed with input from corporate partners like Fidelity, the MS in Accounting Finance online degree program can open up a variety of career opportunities in for-profit, nonprofit and municipal sectors. Your professors, who collectively bring decades of accounting and financial experience into the coursework, know which skills are needed in the workplace today and how to prepare you to meet those needs.

Personal statement for accounting and finance job

Finance and Accountancy Personal Statement Example Finance and Accountancy Personal Statement With a family background in the business world, I have long seen it as my natural career path to go into accountancy and explore the complexities of commercial finance. Work experience has already given me a useful grounding in the subject, and I am keen to extend my knowledge and skill to degree level, with the long-term aim of becoming a professional accountant, a financial manager or a director of finance in some substantial organisation.

I am very much aware of the growing importance of accountants in modern corporations and of the immense responsibility they carry. Firms rely on their accountants in the same way as they do their lawyers, and the role of accountants is steadily growing in the whole management process.

Finance and Accountancy Personal Statement

But the rewards, both personal and professional, are immense, and my primary ambition is to become a member of this much respected profession and to make a career in which I shall be able to use all my intellectual and technical skills to achieve success for those who employ me.

Here I have worked on many basic accounting duties, including preparing invoices, managing payrolls, overseeing expenses claims and setting up sales and purchase master files in spreadsheets.

I have full experience of SAGE and I work closely with the senior manager in the preparation of final accounts. Earlier I worked for Somalia Youth Action, administering financial advice and support to young people with business plans.

I also have some experience in retail, managing stock, handling money and offering the best possible service to customers. Outside my working life I am a keen reader, both of serious and classic fiction and of works on finance.

I am also interested in natural history. I am a very efficient planner and organiser and take pride in my punctuality and my commitment to complete all tasks I am set to the best of my ability. I am hard-working and meticulous, with a highly developed sense of personal and professional responsibility.

I am keen to use my talents in the best possible way, to further my own career and to make a contribution to the public world.

I am ambitious and very determined.

My commitment to my chosen goal is total, and I believe I have the qualities necessary to become a very successful undergraduate. We hope this sample Finance and Accountancy personal statement proves to be a useful guide when it comes to writing your personal statement.

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Personal statement for accounting and finance job

The Department of Economics, Finance, and Accounting offers several degrees that are sure to fit your needs. In economics, finance is a field that is concerned with the allocation of assets and liabilities over space and time, often under conditions of risk or uncertainty. Finance can also be defined as the science of money srmvision.comipants in the market aim to price assets based on their risk level, fundamental value, and their expected rate of return.

Example Personal Statement: Highly knowledgeable and motivated accountant with a first class honours degree in Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Southampton, and seven years experience in financial reporting. We are the American Institute of CPAs, the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession.

Our history of serving the public interest stretches back to The job outlook for accountants is strong, and the earnings are well above the median. Accounting refers to managing or inspecting someone’s financial records.

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