Justice is long and arduous

The Justice of God Arthur Pink It is scarcely surprising that far less has been written upon the justice of God—than upon some of the other Divine perfections. We are accustomed to turn our thoughts unto those objects and subjects which afford us the most pleasure, and to avoid those which render us uneasy. But no servant of the Lord should be guilty of pandering to this tendency.

Justice is long and arduous

The Regime is well aware that an independent special prosecutor can only lead to one thing-- impeachment well By Monday, not even 3 days later, CBS News was already reporting that Issa was backing away from his call for a special prosecutor. Alan He reported that "Issa backtracked his call for a special prosecutor to look into Russian involvement in the Presidential election.

So one of the challenges we have is a special prosecutor exists when you have an individual under suspicion. We need to know if anyone in the Trump campaign had any direct conversations with someone from Russia.

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It has to reach a point where we have public sentiment strong enough that we launch an independent, transparent investigation of what the Russians did to us. Now that is reporting! At no time should anyone expect anything better from anyone who would take a job working for Trump, people who, if Justice prevails at some time in the future, will likely face Nuremberg-style trials for what Bannon and Trump have in store for us.

But what about members of Congress? Are they all going to make themselves complicit the way Issa has?

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Both were told by the Regime to "leak" bullshit to journalists about Trumpanzee being innocent and both dutifully did just that-- just as their committees were beginning the process of "investigating" the Trump-Putin ties.

Nunes admitted he contacted journalists at the request of a White House communications aide," probably Spicer. Burr made similar admissions. They are both compromised and unfit to have any involvement in any investigation of Trump and Russia. Steve Benen was thinking the same way Durbin was-- the cover-up only makes these scandals worse.

In other words, the investigators were undermining their own investigation-- at the behest of those being investigated.


There was a push several weeks ago for a special, independent commission to uncover the facts, but Republican leaders refused, insisting the matter belonged in the hands of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.

The total of congressional Republicans who support a special investigative committee is, at this point, quite small. The club includes Sen. Meanwhile, nearly every relevant congressional Democrat has insisted that a separate investigation is entirely necessary under the circumstances.

Is Donald Trump already violating the Constitution?

Justice is long and arduous

Is he accepting payments from foreign powers-- so-called emoluments-- without the consent of Congress? We know the Russians broke our law to intervene in our election to try and rig the election in favor of Donald Trump.

We are told that Trump campaign officials were in contact with Russian intelligence officials during the campaign. What were they talking about? Was the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians to illegally intervene in our elections?

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Did the candidate know or approve of working with the Russians to rig an American election? We must know the answers to these questions. We have been asking them for months.

But so far we have heard nothing. Nothing from the Trump Administration.

Justice is long and arduous

Nothing from the Attorney General. And nothing from the Republicans in Congress. Despite our repeated efforts to seek out the truth, our calls have fallen on deaf ears. Today, we will have a debate and a vote. Today, we will find out who wants to know the truth and who wants to bury their heads in the sand.

That is why this resolution is so important. It will finally put Members of the House Judiciary Committee on the record. In this case, it directs the Department of Justice to provide the House of Representatives with any and all information it possesses related to any conflicts of interest, any ethical violations, and any improper ties to Russia by President Trump or his associates.

Chapter 1 – The Inquiry and the Issues. 1. Dansys Consultants, “Aboriginal People in Manitoba: Population Estimates for and ,” research paper prepared for the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, Ottawa, November, Oct 25,  · The struggles for racial justice and educational justice have been interlinked from the beginning of our nation’s history. The long, arduous work to . Engage not in so arduous and important an enterprise immaturely. I know that a journey, according to their habits, will be painful and arduous, but it may be borne. The ladder of psychic development is long and arduous to mount.

A simple request for information.The slow work of justice is a long and arduous pilgrimage, sustained by the harvest of seeds planted by those who came before us.

Scribbling for environmental, social and economic justice. Models continue to identify numerous regions where tropical cyclones are more likely to form over the next days.

The programme was started in after Imbumba founder, Richard Mabaso, overhead a fearful conversation between his mom and niece about menstruation, which to this day is . Apr 29,  · TIJUANA, Mexico — A long, grueling journey gave way to what could be a long, uncertain asylum process Sunday as a caravan of immigrants finally reached the border between the United States and.

The road to justice is a long and arduous one but what makes it Individuals are different in terms of their opportunities, physical and mental capabilities, financial and social statuses, and by other criteria.

Amidst Supreme Court Nightmare, We Should Recognize that the Road Toward Climate Justice Will Be Long and Arduous “There is a nation, which in all its strength and virtue is in the grips of a group of ruthless men, preaching a gospel of intolerance and racial pride –unrestrained by law, by parliament, or by public opinion ”.

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