Indian bpos waking up the philippines

BPO companies could reduce their total operating costs by per cent by moving to a low-cost city within India, with a cost differential of around per cent for non-voice processes and upwards of 20 per cent for voice processes, the report pointed out. Several Indian firms have set up substantial operations in the Philippines, which has a large pool of well-educated, English-speaking, talented and employable graduates.

Indian bpos waking up the philippines

Its website mainly serves as a forum for BPO employees. The group, however, commended some companies for allowing employees to skip work and take emergency leaves without having to face sanctions.

They were not forced to work while trapped inside company premises so that they can communicate with their families and attend to emergency situations. Reached by the Inquirer on phone, one of the sources of the statement declined to make their identities public.

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Interviews conducted by the paper with some BPO employees echoed similar feelings of resentment. Most chose safety rather than the premium pay. She said she along with many others did not make it to work that day, and expressed pity on coworkers who had to take additional load because of their absence.

Cheska Javier, a BPO employee working in Makati City, said employees in her company who skipped work due to the rains were asked by their supervisors to show photos of their flooded houses and surroundings or get a certification from the local barangay to prove they were indeed affected by the calamity.

Javier also said those who failed to report to work on Tuesday and Wednesday were to be marked absent and would suffer deductions in their leave credits. Javier said she was not able to go to work on those two days because her house in Pateros was flooded.

Indian bpos waking up the philippines

We could stay in the sleeping quarters to rest and we would be given food. Mary said her call center considers itself an American company. Also, the firm will have to pay a fine to our client should there be work stoppage. He took a jeepney that had to pass through knee-deep floods. Those who went to work were given holiday pay or accrued a one-day vacation leave credit.

More than half were absent. So I went to help the company which badly needed manpower that day. Still, he was frank about what he thought of BPOs which refused to cancel work despite the calamity: Marcial said Convergys Corp.

Marcial explained that BPAP sought a clarification from the government regarding the suspension of work on Aug.

India losing the BPO war to other countries !!!

In response, the government said BPOs may ask employees to report for work as long as two conditions are met:Apr 16,  · Your source of BPO news in the Philippines. Our news topic this week focuses on the cloud BPO market, local IT-BPM, the Vietnamese and Philippine IT status, managed services, the new tax reform package.

The Philippines’ fast-growing business-process outsourcing industry has turned the Asian nation into a major center for off-shored information tech services.

The country recently passed India as. The world is waking up to the opportunity that is India. - Spread over million sq kms, the geographical spread and the regional diversity found in this country is unmatched by any other place in the world.

The death that is occurring in the Indian BPO space is the result of absurdly labor-intensive services provided by the hundreds of small Indian firms that don't have the capital or technology capabilities to provide lasting, technology-driven performance improvements.

Abstract. This study overviews current threats to the sustainability of the outsourced call center industry in the Philippines and discusses implications for macro and micro language policies given the use of English in this cross-cultural interactional context.

Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing to India: Implications and Challenges VOL IX, No. 2, Issues in Information Systems.

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