How i developed a passion in computers

She ended up graduating from high school at age 16 and went to Arizona State University where she started helping people using computers. At Unisys, she sold mainframe systems, being the only woman doing so.

How i developed a passion in computers

Whether it was Thomas the Train, American Girl dolls, dinosaurs or legos, you fostered and nurtured their new special interest with enthusiasm oftentimes feeling proud that they were curiously exploring new interests and diving into new activities. But, what if you could turn their unhealthy computer obsession into a productive, educational passion?

Rather than constantly pleading with your child to get off the computer and ruling with an iron fist with threats as a measure to force them away from the device that has them completely hypnotized, why not transform their obsession into a productive learning opportunity that will help them foster their education and quite possibly help them get a jumpstart on their career?

Sign Up for a Computer Camp If computers are what your child loves, cultivate their enthusiasm by expanding their educational horizons. As opposed to them spending hours upon hours on the computer playing video games, sign them up for a computer camp that teaches them how to actually create a computer game.

And, considering the fact that the average base salary of video game designers in the U. Encourage them to share their tech skills and talents by volunteering with organizations such as VolunteerMatch or All for Good. Another organization, DoSomethingis an organization fueled by more than 2 million young people who have found a cause and started their own volunteer project.

Another way teens can volunteer their tech skills is by visiting senior citizen homes. Most senior citizens are eager to stay in touch with their tech-savvy family members but could use a lesson or two to bring them up to speed.

Libraries are also a great place for teens to volunteer. Quite often libraries host technology events and seminars for older adults who need hands-on assistance with computers, social media or their cell phones.

Get a Job or an Internship If your child is going to spend a ton of time on the computer they might as well get paid for it while gaining real-world experience and furthering their education.

Teen tech jobs and internships can be found on sites such as Indeed. And, chances are your child will be pretty psyched about the idea of actually getting paid for doing something they enjoy. Another way to get valuable tech experience as a teenager is by becoming involved in big-name tech company programs designed specifically for teens.

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are among the heavy hitters who offer programs that allow teens to get an inside look at the technology industry all while exploring future career opportunities. Learn How to Design a Computer from Scratch Your totally techy teen might enjoy learning how a computer actually works.

Sign them up for a course that teaches them everything they need to know about building a custom computer, including how to confidently shop for computer components, how to install an operating system, how to modify their current computer system and even how to troubleshoot computer issues.

Companies such as Udemy offer a full course there is a fee that provides a complete blueprint on how to build a computer from scratch.

PCWorld also offers a guide that helps users through the entire process of building a computer, from installing the CPU central processing unit to proper cable management.

Or, if your teen is a self-learner, there are plenty of free YouTube videos that offer step-by-step guides. Learn Programming Online Did you know that the average starting salary for a programmer in the U.

Tech Prepa website designed to promote computer science and programming as a career, provides valuable resources to help people mainly kids get started.

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Learning a new skill like programming or coding might be just what your child needs to spark a totally new interest, transform their computer obsession into a hidden productive passion, and possibly direct their path for the future.

Learn Mobile App Development If your child has more apps on their phone or computer than you can count, chances are they have the inside track on which apps kids love.

To get your child started designing their very own app, or at the very least, spark a new interest, here are 10 Online Courses to Help You Learn Mobile App Development. There are ways, however, to shift their perspective and spark new productive interests by exposing them to new learning opportunities.

You could be setting the foundation for a passionate educational hobby or quite possibly a lucrative future career. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information Join over 3.

May 14th, by Nancy Reynolds Related.The entrepreneur icon led Apple not with his love of computers, but helping people unleash their creativity. Following your passion is the secret to overcoming the setbacks all entrepreneurs.

6 Ways to Turn Your Child's Computer Obsession into a Productive Passion - Raising Teens Today

Remember back when your kids were young and you used to get so excited when they developed a new interest or passion? Whether it was Thomas the Train, American Girl dolls, dinosaurs or legos, you fostered and nurtured their new special interest with enthusiasm oftentimes feeling proud that they were curiously exploring new interests .

How i developed a passion in computers

Nov 11,  · A Youth's Passion for Computers, Gone Sour. He has been identified by friends as the creator of an electronic virus, developed for what the friends describe as a nonmalicious experiment, that. In , while studying Bsc II year (Chemistry), he joins a computer course where he Learns the Basics of Programming Languages & here the passion for Computers and Programming Languages is developed in him.

Due to passion he achieves Mastery over 14 different Programming Languages, 6 different Operating systems and he also expertise the. WE FUSE PASSION & TECHNOLOGY TO SUPPORT & GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 24x7x We're like having a personal IT admin that is there to make sure your technology always works.

Proactive. Your business is dependent on your technology. We proactively eliminate . The entrepreneur icon led Apple not with his love of computers, but helping people unleash their creativity. Video Podcasts Start A Business Subscribe Books Passion.

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