History of christianity in india essay

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History of christianity in india essay

Rasayana Anti-aging or Gerontology or Science of Rejuvenation and 8. Atreya Samhita is the oldest medical book in the world.

Atreya was the son of Rishi Atri.

What is a "religion" for the purposes of this list?

Atri was the son of god Brahma and one of the seven immortal Rishis in Vedic literature. Rishi Atri was Acharya Teacher of Ayurveda. They were also considered as Vaidyas Physicians of Ayurveda.

These deeply devoted holy physicians considered health to be an important part of spiritual life.

History of christianity in india essay

It is believed that the Vaidyas received their training of Ayurveda during meditation which were later transcribed into book form. Beginning of Medicine and Surgery in India is thought as the gifts from god Indra to Sages Bharadwaja, the patron saint of medicine and Dhanvantari, the patron saint of Surgery.

These two main schools made Ayurveda a more scientifically verifiable medical system around BC. These two scholar passed their knowledge to two worthy men Atreya and Susruta. Maharshi Atreya is acknowledged as the first great Indian Physician and Teacher. He lived in the ancient University Taxilla about 20 miles west of modern Rawalpindi.

He learnt Ayurveda from Rishi Bharadwaja. Bharadwaja Ashrama still exists in Prayag in the modern state of Uttar Pradesh. Atreya revolutionized the medical system of Ayurveda into the system we have today.

He held formal teachings with his students and established Code of Medical Ethics in India years before Hippocratic oath. Galen was his contemporary in the West — AD. Charaka mentions two cases of disease: External - varies with time of the day, seasons, diet and life-style.

His profound medical knowledge was evident from his instructions on building hospitals with maintenance of hygienic atmosphere for patients.

Christianity in india history

Dhanvantri resigned his Royal status as 'Prince of Kasi' Varanasi and retired into the forest where he dictated his Ayurveda to Susruta of Benaras.

He described human anatomy in details in his treatise "Susruta Samhita". Surgeons of that time had plenty of opportunity to construct the nose.

Besides those who lost their nose in the battle, cutting the nose by the irritant "Rajas" was the common practice. Official punishment for adultery was to cut the nose of the culprits. The early Indians set fractures, performed amputations, excised tumors, repaired hernia and did couching for cataract.

They used over different steel instruments to drain fluids, to remove kidney stones, to sew up wounds and to perform plastic surgery. Some of the instruments used in those days were very much like those of today such as scissors, saws, needle, forceps etc.

In Susruta Samhita transmission of malaria was incriminated to a biting insect, probably mosquito. This shows that they were not only well versed in Medicine and surgery but also in the prevention of disease. They were also conversant with operative midwifery.The "lost tribes of Israel" are the Muslims of Afghanistan and Kashmir -- Proved from the Bible and History -- Afghan and Kashmiri cities mentioned and documented.

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Writing the History of Indian Christianity: A Review Essay

Today in Christian History (Daily)A daily newsletter featuring the most. Christian leaders have written about homosexual male-male sexual activities since the first decades of Christianity; female-female sexual behaviour was essentially ignored.

Throughout the majority of Christian history most theologians and Christian denominations have viewed homosexual behavior as immoral or srmvision.comr, in the 20th century some prominent theologians and Christian religious. A Time-line for the History of Mathematics (Many of the early dates are approximates) This work is under constant revision, so come back later.

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