Executive summary on the pell grant

Program Origins and Purpose Mission In this specific section of the executive surname on the Peel grant program will give a brief overview of the Peel grant program including the history, the statutory origins, the justification for the program and how it has been amended over time. The Peel Grant program is a federal grant program that assists undergraduates of low-income families who are actively attending universities and or other secondary institutions.

Executive summary on the pell grant


The report is a management tool for UC leaders, faculty and staff. It is also intended to be a public document for a broad range of stakeholders with an interest in understanding how the University is performing, including its strengths and areas needing improvement.

It also shows the public benefit that comes from state and federal investment in the University. The Accountability Report illustrates the power of the University of California as an agent of social mobility, economic growth and scientific advancement by describing its role in: Each chapter begins with an introductory essay that describes UC operations in that subject area, followed by specific indicators and data visualizations to illustrate trends, provide comparisons and set context.

Each chapter also offers links to additional information sources and references the data sources. The full report and executive summary, along with data and visualizations, can be downloaded at http: The Morrill Land-Grant Act laid out the future of American public research universities, decreeing that practical fields such as agriculture and the mechanical arts would be taught alongside more traditional liberal arts and sciences.

The goal and eventual result of the Morrill Act was to promote the economy of the United States by creating a well-educated technical workforce. American public research universities share many of the characteristics of their private peers, including a focus on research and graduate education, and a commitment to undergraduate education provided by active research-based faculty.

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In addition, they possess a number of distinct characteristics: The activities and culture of these universities are driven by values of public service.

Research often focuses on issues of particular importance to the state; faculty, in addition to teaching and conducting research, provide expertise to policymakers; educational and cultural programs and services are offered at low or no charge for residents.

State support allows universities to charge in-state students less than the cost of their education. This investment in human capital creates a highly skilled workforce, increases participation in democratic institutions and lowers public costs e.

Focus on social mobility: By placing an emphasis on serving undergraduates from all segments of society, these institutions create upward social mobility for the citizens of their state.

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Public universities tend to be much larger than their private peers and grow in response to enrollment demand and state needs.

The University of California enrolls more thanstudents at its 10 campuses. Student enrollment at the University has quadrupled over the past 50 years.

For geographic and financial reasons, this education was inaccessible to all but the wealthiest college-bound California students. Access has been a fundamental tenet of the University of California since its inception, and this has enabled social mobility for California residents and fostered the ongoing economic vitality and social benefits associated with an educated population.

UC maintains its commitment to the California Master Plan for Higher Education by offering freshman admission to every state resident who meets its requirements and applies for admission. Over the past two decades, freshman applications have grown almost 5 percent per year, tripling since UC expects that freshman demand will continue to increase as both the number of high school students and their graduation rates increase, particularly among Latina and Latino students.

With this growing number of applicants, admission rates have declined at some UC campuses.2 Going to the Source: A Practical Way to Simplify the FAFSA Executive Summary There is widespread agreement that the complexity of the current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a barrier to college access and success.

Executive Summary The Pell Grant program is the largest federal need-based grant program available to postsecon-dary education students.

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In –99, the federal government spent $ billion on Pell Grants for more than million students (U.S. Department of Education ). Students can use a Pell Grant. The Pell Grant program is a federal grant program that assists undergraduates of low-income families who are actively attending universities and or other secondary institutions.

The Pell Grant went through copious amounts of changes in order for it to become the program it is today. As its name suggests, an executive summary summarizes, Executive summaries are “stand alone” documents that are almost always read independently of the reports they summarize.

Federal Pell Grant. Federal Supplemental . The executive summary is the first thing that potential grant funders read in a grant proposal.

Executive summary on the pell grant

The recipients of your grant proposal will examine the summary to get a good idea of what your project's mission is and how it fits with the aims of the potential funders. Issue Brief The Role of Pell Grants in Access, Executive Summary The federal student aid programs were created to increase access to postsecondary education.

Research the Federal Pell Grant Program impacts access and will discuss innovative, successful college access and support.

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