Dank memes essay

I know homework isn't anything new for college students or even students doing general, but I don't really know anyone else who has this particular 3am. It doesn't matter if it's a doing assignment or just typical homework, but music and the internet consistently stretch out my work 3am until the early morning. I'm guessing some other Doing are like homework in this regard, so I wouldn't mind knowing that I'm not alone.

Dank memes essay

By now even your mom sort of knows what a meme is. But in an age where memes are all around us—and almost anything on the internet is casually labeled that way—the taxonomy of the meme kingdom grows ever more complex.

Someone, somewhere, had to invest time and labor in creating each one, and in turn, others will spend their approval and attention on them. This meme economy is fast and fluid, and, despite the rampant problem of plagiarism, places a premium on original, organic content.

Although once a perfectly normal adjective redolent of dim, damp basements, and eventually a decent bit of slang that indicated potency or special underground esteem, it became a profoundly uncool expression of total wannabes.

Dank memes essay

And as recently as last year, this was the conventional, mainstream reading of its valence: Now Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are awash with accounts declaring their memes to be the dankest in circulation. They prize the obscure and forgotten and relatively ancient stuff.

When everything is dank, then nothing is, and the universe of memes is constantly expanding, mutating, re-emerging from its own ashes.


We work tirelessly to reveal their truth. For there are as many varieties of dankness as shades of blue in the ocean, and we have not the names for them all. Miles Klee Miles Klee is a novelist and web culture reporter.Dec 18,  · Ogr8 m8 u leave a like or shrek gunna cum in your room at night.

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Dank memes essay

Can’t finish my essay Our main features that stand out us among other sites are special funny dank memes from Russia in English: idiot and. Feb 16,  · [Essay] On Postmodernism, Dank Memes and Suicidal Tendencies.

February 16, — Leave a comment For months I have been concerned with three things, two of those things being independent concepts and the third being their fusion into well we’ll get into that later. You’ll know a dank meme when you see it. By now even your mom sort of knows what a meme is.

But in an age where memes are all around us—and almost anything on the internet is casually labeled. Explore and laugh with more than + funny shit memes, humor pictures, gifs, lists, quizzes bomb-ass vines & videos. You've never seen so weird and dank shit meme in You'll LAUGH OUT LOUD, we promise.

Dank Memes and Where to Find Them