Custom papers in nigeria

Fake And Real Custom Papers by bimbor m: Fake And Real Custom Papers by larryshow4 m: You think its only the cars coming in from cotonou that has a fake custom paper like you pose it. Making things clear to you, you might call it a fake custom paper, but i tell you when they hand over the geniune and the so call fake like you termed it, you would NEVER tell the difference.

Custom papers in nigeria

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Thanks and God bless. Our crew was Custom papers in nigeria the Federal Operations unit in Ikeja to help retrieve two vehicles that were impounded by the patrol. Many importers are always Penny wise but pound foolish when it comes to duty payment and with the new authorization from customs HQ that even registered vehicles should be seized when they are underpaid OR smuggled,many vehicle owners will have their vehicles impounded on the highways.

The two Camry cars were impounded because they were underpaid, the agents that were given the jobs paid N, each instead of N, - N, in connivance with the importers but unfortunately they were all seized by f.

Have u ever wondered how you can identify fake custom papers? What fraudulent dealers do is called MO or machined outside-this is a process where a forger forges the bank receipts and all customs documentation.

The documents look genuine but are not in the customs data base. At the top right hand corner of your document is a very bold set of numbers.

This is the "C" number.


You can not miss it because it is so bold and prominent. Underneath it is a date. And the date under the C number means that that C number was computed into the data system on that date plus all the charges paid.

My advise to any one buying a car from anybody is to request for the relevant documents in particular the SGD form which means "single goods declaration form" and has the C number boldly written at the top right hand corner.

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Under the C number is the date that document was posted into the data system. No two vehicles can have the same C number and date. So armed with this you can visit any customs station to know if your documents are genuine.

With some cotonou smuggled cars showing up on our streets with forged documents as lagos cleared cars and vehicles been M. Od out of ports,this is a stress-free method of verifying your papers. We have opened this thread for verification of C-numbers from the following points of entry - 1.

Custom papers in nigeria

All you need to do is supply your name,address,VIN and the C-number of the vehicle and we run checks on it.Nigerian Daily Newspaper provides brief reviews of the popular Nigerian newspapers that are accessible online.

Read Current Nigerian News Reviews and Captivating Articles. Nigeria - Customs and duties Photo by: PaulShlykov The federal government levies customs duties on most imports, but these duties . Announcement Domestic Papers mixes my lifelong love of books, papers and antique ephemera into a unique and fun 'mash-up' of Vintage Vibe handmade books I'm thrilled to share with you!

Custom papers in nigeria

My shop is called Domestic Papers because I am a homebody artist in an explorer's body. I love to travel but even more, I love to be at home.

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Industrial applications typically operate in “license free” frequency bands, also referred to as ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical). The Comptroller-General of Customs, Hameed Ali, has adjusted payment of duty on old vehicles, placing 60 per cent rebate across board on vehicles bought on or before The Acting Public.

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