Comparing two works in literature essay

What does contrast mean?

Comparing two works in literature essay

Beginnings to Prof. Monday, December 11th Figure 1. Write a paper of approximately typed double-spaced pages. NO outside sources are to be used for this paper, which should solely represent your own critical and analytical thinking.

Compare and Contrast Essay on Literature: Examples

On the other hand, the online notes I have provided for you on the syllabus can be consulted in order to help you generate ideas and refine your thinking with respect to these works, and you may incorporate information from these notes in your paper if you feel it is relevant to your argument.

I would really prefer that you develop your own thesis without my assistance, and therefore, for this essay I will not be providing broad questions for you to ruminate as I did with the first critical essay; rather, I would like for you to spend some time contemplating connections between the works we have read in order to develop your own, original thesis you want to argue.

An example of this might be something like a paper that begins with, "Both Aaron the Moor and Edmund are evil," and is then followed by a list of attributes that the two character share as evil-doers, and also ways in which they differ as evil-doers.

Comparing two works in literature essay

But where's the argument? So, if you are interested, let's say, in some of the parallels, or even differences, between Titus's Aaron and Lear's Edmund, an arguable thesis might be, "Both Aaron the Moor and Edmund are agents of evil who are, moreover, seemingly unrepentant about their malevolent actions.

However, whereas Edmund expresses regret about the course he took and wants his brother Edgar's forgiveness and even tries to stop the orders to ave Cordelia killed, Aaron never wavers in his intent to be evil.

Therefore, Edmund is a more human character than Aaron. I also append below the same "Guidelines for Writing" I provided on the first essay assignment, and I strongly recommend that you review them before developing a thesis topic and writing the essay.

Expectations, Guidelines, Advice and Grading," available online here. First, Please keep in mind that when I ask you to do a close reading of a literary work in order to make an argument about what you see as one of the important aspects of that work, that you do not read to magically discover the ONE correct meaning the author has supposedly hidden between the lines.

The "meaning" of a literary work is created by the interaction between a text and its readers, and therefore, most works of literature can convey many different meanings to different readers.

Do not assume, however that a work can mean whatever you want it to mean; ultimately, your interpretation must be consistent with the stylistic signals, thematic suggestions, and patterns of imagery in the text. Here are some TIPS on how to go about doing a close, interpretive reading: In order to become a good interpreter of literature, you will have to make the important distinction between summary and translation, on the one hand, and interpretation or analysis, on the other.

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When you summarize, you repeat what the text actually says; when you translate, you explain to your audience in some detail many of the points an astute reader would reach on his or her own -- think of translating something from French into English for a person who speaks both languages.

Neither summary nor translation is really a worthwhile endeavor in that neither tells the reader anything he or she did not already know.

Comparing two works in literature essay

By contrast, when you interpret or analyze literature, you produce your own ideas about how the text creates meaning. In order to produce these ideas, you will need to perform close reading, to look closely at the language of the text in order to demonstrate not just what you think the text means, but more importantly how it means what you think it does.

It's an important one.part of this work, however, is the opportunity for the sixth graders to use writing to increase their critical • Literary Essay Two‐‐including examples from the second text and a student’s Literary Essay comparing two texts that explores the.

Writing an Essay that Compares and Contrasts Two Works of Literature Basics Purpose —inform your audience (people who will read your paper) about the basic similarities and differences that you intend to discuss in your essay.

You can compare two works by the same author or compare two authors’ techniques, ideas, characters, incidents, settings, theme or tone. The traditional essay tips won't work with compare and contrast paper.

(choose to compare two different cases or episodes from your life) People or fiction characters (choose the story) If you miss any words to finish your essay, a literature review is a brilliant way to reach the necessary word count.

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