Compare contrast essay alternating opposing

The whole point of the exercise is to have you explain why the similarities and differences matter. Your ultimate goal is to create meaningful connections to a larger issue, using your comparisons or contrasts as a means to argue a case.

Compare contrast essay alternating opposing

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Corsets and footbinding are similar. Corsets and footbinding are different.

Compare contrast essay alternating opposing

This structure focuses on the comparison and contrast instead of on the two ideas e. Clearly, the sequence is important.

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If you begin with the comparison, then the contrast will get emphasis - the logical movement is from thinking about similarities to thinking about differences.

If you begin by contrasting the ideas and then move toward a comparisonthe similarities get emphasis. Writers might compare and contrast ideas by treating one idea thoroughly before taking up the second one. This method is probably the one most students try first, but many evolve past it into something more flexible.

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A structure like this one seems more focused on the ideas being compared and contrasted than on the comparison and contrast itself. The similarities and differences between the ideas do not begin to emerge until the writer gets to the second idea.


It is as if the writer is comparing and contrasting for example footbinding to corsetry, instead of corsetry and footbinding to each other. Writers might compare and contrast ideas by taking important specific elements and looking at their similarities and differences.

This method requires real control over your subject.After having decided to buy compare and contrast essay you turn on your PC and start surfing the Net.

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Before you begin writing, brainstorm to find similarities and differences between your subjects. To organize a comparison/contrast analysis, you must carefully read sources in order to discover significant criteria for analysis.

A criterion is a specific point to which both of your authors refer and about which they may agree or disagree.

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Generally, this essay type is characterized by points of comparison and analogies and usually arranged in the emphatic way. Mar 27,  · Compare coming up with your own ideas, living your own life, and doing your own thing, to following the crowd, asking others for help, and begging all your life.

Independence verses dependence. Making your own fun verses blindly following the Resolved.