Body scanning for a new shopping

Amazon's Echo Look, another of the online retailer's investments in new technologies - Amazon's Echo Look The project offers users who have been invited into the program to be measured twice a month for 20 weeks.

Body scanning for a new shopping

Email Full-body CT scans -- widely promoted in advertisements as a way to give yourself peace of mind -- frequently find harmless abnormalities that lead to invasive, anxiety-producing follow-up tests, researchers say.

And they may be a waste of money for patients under 40, who run a low risk of serious disease, the study suggests.

The increasingly popular scans - widely promoted in radio and TV ads and on billboards - give doctors a view into the body from the neck to pelvis with CT scan machines.

The scans typically are offered at private, for-profit centers, cost several hundred dollars or more and usually are not covered by insurance. Max Rosen, medical director of a scanning center in Boston. Forty-six percent of the scans showed abnormalities, most in the lungs, kidneys or liver.

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About 25 percent were suspected cancer; 15 percent were other significant ailments such as emphysema; and just 1 percent were strongly believed to be cancer or some other life-threatening disease. Thirty-seven percent of the participants were advised to have follow-up tests. No one under 45 had scan results that strongly suggested cancer, and patients younger than 40 had very few findings requiring further tests, Casola said.

Other research has shown that follow-up tests usually determine that scan-detected abnormalities are insignificant. Casola said that is probably the case with many of the study participants, though data on subsequent testing generally was unavailable. Most people in Casola's study got the scans on their own and were not referred by their doctors.

Many physicians are skeptical of the scans because they have not been well-studied, said Dr. Stephen Swensen, the Mayo Clinic's chief of radiology. And the scans are not foolproof.

Judie and John Roth of Morris, Ill. Results for both turned up nothing suspicious, but a month later John Roth, an obstetrician-gynecologist, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

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Swensen said people should not have the scans unless they have consulted their own doctors and are referred by someone who doesn't have a financial interest in the tests. But Rosen said discouraging patients from getting the scans is "really doing them a disservice. Edward Bluth, chairman of radiology at the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, said that more research is needed but that it will probably show the scans are useful.

In the meantime, he said, people who want them and can afford them should be able to get them. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.It’s true, shopping online for clothing has never been a flawless experience, but new technology could soon change that.

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Body scanning for a new shopping

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