An introduction to the life of william sherman

Military Academy at West Point. There he met and befriended several future military leaders who he would fight alongside — and against — during the Civil War. Sherman graduated inranked sixth in his class. This first introduction to life in the South left a lasting favorable impression.

An introduction to the life of william sherman

General Sherman

He led Union forces in crushing campaigns through the South, marching through Georgia and the Carolinas — Early life and career Named Tecumseh in honour of the renowned Shawnee chieftainSherman was one of eight children of Judge Charles R. Sherman, who died when the boy was only nine.

Thomas Ewinga family friend and a Whig political force in Ohio, adopted the boy, and his foster mother added William to his name. When Sherman was 16, Ewing obtained an appointment to West Point for him.

Early life and career

Sherman graduated near the head of his class in The Mexican-American Warin which so many future generals of the Civil War received their experience, passed Sherman by; he was stranded in California as an administrative officer.

In he married Ellen Ewing, daughter of his adoptive father, who was then serving as secretary of the interior in Washington. They settled in St.

An introduction to the life of william sherman

The lure of gold in California led Sherman to resign from the U. Army in and join a St. Louis banking firm at its branch in San Francisco.

William Tecumseh Sherman - Wikipedia

The Panic of interrupted his promising career in business, however, and after several more disappointments, his old friends, the Southerners Braxton Bragg and P. Beauregardfound him employment January as superintendent of a newly established military academy in Louisiana.

His devotion to the Union was strong, but he was greatly distressed at what he considered an unnecessary conflict between the states. He used the influence of his younger brother, Senator John Shermanto obtain an appointment in the U.

Army as a colonel in May Though afterward promoted to brigadier generalhe was convinced by his experience at Bull Run that he was unfit for such responsibility, and he begged President Abraham Lincoln not to trust him in an independent command.

In October Sherman succeeded to the command in Kentucky, but he was nervous and unsure of himself, and his hallucinations concerning opposing Confederate forces led him to request so many reinforcements from his superiors that some newspapers described him as insane.

He lost his Kentucky command, but, with the support of General Henry Halleckhe then served as a divisional commander under General Ulysses S. Sherman distinguished himself at the Battle of Shiloh April 6—7, and won promotion to the rank of major general.

Grant had a calming influence upon Sherman. Together they fought brilliantly to capture VicksburgMississippi —63shattering the Confederate defenses and opening the Mississippi River to Northern commerce once more. Though Sherman began his part in the campaign with a defeat at Chickasaw Bluffs, his capture of Fort Hindman, Arkansas, served to restore his reputation.

When Grant was placed in supreme command in the west, Sherman succeeded to the command of the Army of the Tennessee and in that capacity took part with Grant in the Chattanooga campaign in November In Marchwhen Grant became general-in-chief of the Union armies, Sherman was made commander of the military division of the Mississippi, with three armies under his overall command.

Assembling abouttroops near Chattanooga, Tennessee, in Mayhe began his invasion of Georgia. The opposing Confederate forces led by General Joseph E.

Sherman and his staffGeneral William Tecumseh Sherman and staff from left to right: Slocum, and Joseph Mower.William Sherman How would you feel if your brother came into your room and transformed it into a junkyard?

You would probably have the same feelings of the civilians in Georgia when William Sherman came across their land. William Tecumseh Sherman was a U.S.

Civil War Union Army leader known for "Sherman's March," in which he and his troops laid waste to the Feb 08, Finally, McDonough does an able job of covering Sherman’s long life, before, during, and after the war—although the war dominates the biography, as it should, considering Sherman’s.

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Get started now! This is a nice brief introduction to William Tecumseh Sherman, one of the most important Union generals in the Civil War. This is a part of a series on military leaders that seems to have a similar mission as the American Presidents series.

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