An analysis and a comparison of cultural icons madonna and marilyn monroe

While each woman made her own distinctive mark in her generation, the stigma that seemed to both glorify and shun each woman are very much alike. Both women attracted many types of audiences, not only the ones who appreciated the new, more liberal style of their entertainment, but also the ones who felt obligated to publicly make a stand against it.

An analysis and a comparison of cultural icons madonna and marilyn monroe

He retired at age forty-nine. They were raised in a strict Baptist home. By his teens, he was working in pen-and-ink, charcoal, watercolor, and oil—drawing from nature as well as making political cartoons. It shows his early interest in nautical subjects.

ARTF The Complete Marilyn Monroe: The Cultural Analysis of an Icon of the 20th Century

Though a tall and quiet teenager, his prankish sense of humor found outlet in his art, sometimes in depictions of immigrants or of women dominating men in comic situations. Later in life, he mostly depicted women as the figures in his paintings. He later said, "I admire him greatly I read him over and over again.

There he studied for six years, with teachers including William Merritt Chasewho instructed him in oil painting. Another of his teachers, artist Robert Henritaught life class.

Henri encouraged his students to use their art to "make a stir in the world". He encouraged them to imbue a modern spirit in their work.

He was bound to it by economic necessity until the mids. In fact, however, he studied alone and seemed mostly unaffected by the new currents in art. Then he shifted to the lighter palette of the Impressionists before returning to the darker palette with which he was comfortable.

Hopper later said, "I got over that and later things done in Paris were more the kind of things I do now. Unlike many of his contemporaries who imitated the abstract cubist experiments, Hopper was attracted to realist art.

An analysis and a comparison of cultural icons madonna and marilyn monroe

Reluctantly, he returned to illustration to support himself. Being a freelancer, Hopper was forced to solicit for projects, and had to knock on the doors of magazine and agency offices to find business.

I go for months without finding it sometimes. The following year he received a commission to make some movie posters and handle publicity for a movie company. Each form influenced his compositional methods.

By he had produced most of his approximately 70 works in this medium, many of urban scenes of both Paris and New York. Night on the El Train by Edward Hopper During the early s his etchings began to receive public recognition. They expressed some of his later themes, as in Night on the El Train couples in silenceEvening Wind solitary femaleand The Catboat simple nautical scene.

Girl at Sewing Machine and Moonlight Interior, both of which show a figure clothed or nude near a window of an apartment viewed as gazing out or from the point of view from the outside looking in.

InHopper was awarded the U. Shipping Board Prize for his war poster, "Smash the Hun. InHopper received two awards for his etchings: He re-encountered Josephine Nivisonan artist and former student of Robert Henriduring a summer painting trip in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The rest of their lives revolved around their spare walk-up apartment in the city and their summers in South Truro on Cape Cod.

An analysis and a comparison of cultural icons madonna and marilyn monroe

She managed his career and his interviews, was his primary model, and was his life companion. Observe what can be done with the homeliest subject. The artist had demonstrated his ability to transfer his attraction to Parisian architecture to American urban and rural architecture.

According to Boston Museum of Fine Arts curator Carol Troyen, "Hopper really liked the way these houses, with their turrets and towers and porches and mansard roofs and ornament cast wonderful shadows.Pop icon Madonna has landed in hot water. It is claimed that she has appropriated the faces of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, John Lennon, and.

To understand pop star/movie actress Madonna is to first study movie star, Marilyn Monroe. To examine the cultural significance of Marilyn is to go back to film actress/singer Marlene Dietrich. Marlene Dietrich was born in (she died in ) and is one of the great entertainment icons of the last century.

On completion of this module, students will be able to perform a range of cultural analyses of the images, films, biographies and representations of Marilyn Monroe in terms of semiotics (Barthes), feminist film theory (Mulvey), psychoanalysis (Kristeva).

Madonna And Marylin Monroe – Cultural Icons Essay, Research Paper Madonna & Marilyn Monroe – Cultural Icons Throughout many years of the post-modern era, society has drawn special attention to women who have made an art of keeping the publics’ eye. An Analysis and a Comparison of Cultural Icons: Madonna and Marilyn Monroe PAGES 2.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. According to Anthony Summers in Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is the film in which Monroe reached the status of being “officially, a full-fledged star” in the eyes of the studio and the movie-going public.

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